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  • Mobile Viewports
    Mobile Viewports

    A dirty list of viewport's widths and resolutions

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  • Faster Paint Metrics with Responsive Image Optimization CDNs

    When you are interested in web performance, image compression and optimization are key aspects to consider that will impact many user-centric metrics, such as First Meaningful Paint and Speed Index. I’ve researched the image optimization solutions offered by the main CDN providers in order to identify the most relevant techniques in use today to map the differences among providers and help you pick one in case you need them. I also looked at what opportunities for improvement are still there.

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  • Apple Watch Browser

    Apple Watch 3+ now has a browser on mails & links on Messages

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  • You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy

    You resize the browser and a smile creeps over your face. You’re happy: You think you are now mobile-friendly, that you have achieved your goals for the website. Let me be a bit forward before getting into the discussion: You are losing users and probably money if responsive web design is your entire goal and your only solution for mobile. The good news is that you can do it right.

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