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Apple Watch Browser

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Apple Watch 3+ now has a browser on mails & links on Messages

− width:320 with initial-scale: 0.49 ➡ webs/PWAs rendered as iPhone SE but smaller
− real viewport with new meta tag
− JS & Forms available
− No Service Workers or video playing
− Reader mode with Semantic HTML

If you don’t want an iPhone viewport, use:

<meta name="disabled-adaptations" content="watch">

My guess is that you will get then a DPR of 1.5 with a viewport of:

  • 136 on 38mm Watch
  • 156 on 42mm Watch

Form controls will be rendered in full screen using aria-label as the Label.

No Web Fonts available, only a subset of font sizes.

If your code is semantic enough it seems Reader mode (as in iOS or Safari macOS) will be automatic activated on the watch (Series 3 only for now)

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