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Breaking the Limits with HTML5

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During Mobilism 2013 in Amsterdam 🇳🇱 I gave this talk about tips and tricks for mobile development with HTML5

Several hacks are available for mobile web development that are unknown to most web developers. This talk will go over 15 of the most interesting unknown hacks for mobile web developers.

More than 15 hacks that will surprise you on mobile browsers, such as IE10, Safari on iOS and Chrome for Android. Quickly, we will go though the problem, the code and the live demo of the hack working on a real device.

Hacks list include:

  • How to refresh a background "frozen" tab on iPad
  • Creating a mobile view for IE10 on snapped mode
  • Making a push notification on iOS from a website
  • Creating a high resolution canvas
  • Creating a full-screen experience
  • Working with images in different resolutions
  • Undocumented meta tags and hacks
  • Bypassing limits on storage APIs
  • Interacting with native apps
  • Speeding up performance

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