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First Look-ChatGPT API for Web Developers

2-hour online video course for web professionals on OpenAI APIs and LLMs

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You'll learn the basics of large language models (LLMs), the OpenAI API, and tokens. Learn to create ChatGPT plugins and prioritize security. Apply your knowledge by building a "ChatGPT Clone" and explore advanced topics like conversation context, prompt engineering, and the Image API. The course concludes with an introduction to embeddings, fine-tuning, and the Langchain framework.

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In this 2-hours course we'll see:

  • AI, LLMs and OpenAI
  • API & Tokens
  • AI & Web Development
  • ChatGPT Plugins
  • Security and Prompt Injection
  • ChatGPT clone with Chat Completion API
  • Prompt Engineering for Developers
  • Modeling a cooking app to request formatted data
  • Using the Image API from Dall-E
  • Embeddings and Fine Tuning
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You can also request a live custom workshop for you or your team on the topics of this course. Let's keep in touch

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