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ChatGPT and AI for Web Developers

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During Wey Wey Web 2023 in Málaga 🇪🇸 I delivered this talk about ChatGPT and AI for Web Developers

AI is everywhere nowadays, but if you are a web developer, you don't know where it fits in your work.
In this session, you will quickly understand how to add AI models to your website. You will also see how ChatGPT plugins work, how to create one, and how to gain control of the content used by LLMs.

In this session, you'll learn about API integration with OpenAI and Google LaMDA APIs, tokens, and how to keep things secure while scaling up. We'll walk you through real examples and hands-on demos, so you'll be ready to bring AI magic to your web projects quickly.

But that's not all! We'll also discuss how to create your plugin for LLMs, how Bing Chat and ChatGPT browser plugin works when browsing your web content, and how to opt out or optimize the results for AI. We'll cover basic concepts of data preprocessing, structuring, and how to tweak the model for your needs. Let's have fun and unlock ChatGPT and AI's power together!

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