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This is a Note: a sometimes short, sometimes incomplete, living document.

Chrome 85 #

📸 AVIF image support (status shows it only as available on desktop)

⭐️ App Shortcuts on Windows (it was wrongly announced as available in 84)

📱 getInstalledRelatedApps can now detect Microsoft Store apps on Windows

📱 getInstalledRelatedApps can now detect if your PWA was installed from the browser on Android. You need to specify a related webapp in your manifest and ask the API from within the same scope. I don't understand why you need to specify a related webapp that comes from the same manifest where you define it 🤷‍♂️ (I know it's because of how the spec is defined but it's weird anyway). Have in mind there is no API yet to transfer the navigation to the standalone experience I'd you detect installation.

✨ Chrome for Android is now 64 bits

🏁 Event Timing API

👀 Content Visibility CSS style to let the browser defer rendering of below the fold content

🧪 New Experiments in Origin Trials

  • Portals: seamless navigation between documents for SPAs; you load a portal (similar to an iframe) and then you can make that portal become the main document.
  • Fetch upload streaming

🧪 New Experiments under a flag

  • Web Bluetooth additions: get a list of approved devices

No link for more info was published yet

Chrome 84 #

⭐️App Shortcuts-contextual menus now available on the PWA icon for Android: it's a static list of URLs you define in the Web App Manifest

🏃‍♀️Better support for the Web Animation API

🚪Quieter Notifications on abuse-if a website abuses of permission dialogs, Chrome will move into a different mode to protect users from abusive notifications. More about this

☕️Wake Lock-Keep the screen awake preventing phone sleep, useful for PWAs that you can use hands-free (such as using SpeechSynthesis, camera, or other behaviors.

🔢WebOTP-only for Android, it lets the app read incoming SMSs following a specific protocol, useful to speed-up 2FA

📇Content indexing-This is the only feature that I still don't see useful. It let us register offline content that our PWA can serve while offline as a way to expose that content when the user has no connection. What I don't get is the User Experience for that, the Downloads menu 🤔

🧪New Experiments in Origin Trials

  • Idle Detection
  • QuicTransport
  • Cookie Store to access cookies asynchronously from a Service Worker
  • Raw Clipboard Access (lot of security and privacy risks are always discussed on this API)
  • WebAssembly SIMD (high-performance using low-level CPU instructions available on some architectures)

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Chrome 83 #

  • Barcode Detection API
  • prefers-color-scheme media query for Dark Mode

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Chrome 82 was skipped during the COVID-19 pandemic

Chrome 81 #

  • WebXR Hit Test for Augmented Reality
  • App Icon Bading for PWAs in Stable (Android and desktop)

🧪New Experiments in Origin Trials

  • WebNFC

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Chrome 80 #

  • Contact Picker
  • Periodic Background Sync
  • getRelatedApps: detect your app, incl. PWA in store but not WebAPK
  • minimal-ui on desktop (macOS not workingThinking face)

🧪New Experiments in Origin Trials

  • File Handler Registration
  • Serial
  • Scheduled Notifications

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Chrome 76 #

  • Dark Mode support (but not for the theme-color)
  • Install button on URL Bar (only on desktop Confused face)
  • Mini Info Bar now can be disabled
  • WebAPKs updates every day
  • Motion events will be available only on HTTPS (careful with 360/AR/VR)

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Chrome 73 #

  • PWAs now installable on macOS
  • Chrome Lite Pages on Android on 2g or when FCP > 5s
  • Preload link accepts Responsive Images
  • Signed HTTP Exchanges SGX, aka AMP without Google’s URL
  • Constructable Stylesheets
  • Night Mode on macOS (no MQ)

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