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An intro to the platform for IT & business

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During Infoshare 2019 in Gdansk 🇵🇱, I've delivered this keynote for IT and business people introducing the PWA Platform.

The web has finally arrived into the app space with the Progressive Web App platform, supporting all devices: Android, iOS, and desktop. In this talk we will go quickly after the current state of PWA, advantages, and challenges compared with other developer platform. We'll see how to enhance a website with Service Workers and Web App Manifest. In this session we will cover new abilities and secrets nobody mention you need to know after publishing a PWA.

During this session we will cover ideas, hacks and challenges that we need to know to create a successful experience, how to deal with social networks, what's up with WebAPK on Android, PWAs on Windows Store, Google Play Store and desktop browsers, the usage of Web Packaging for future distribution, the importance of PWA for IoT, AR, and VR, challenges on iOS and the discussion about PWAs replacing hybrid platforms such as Apache Cordova / PhoneGap.

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