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Vanilla-JS, You Might Not Need a Framework

6-hour online video course for web professionals on DOM and Vanilla-JS

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Gain speed and simplicity in writing web apps by taking a "vanilla" approach! See how you can build rich web apps and websites without depending on libraries or frameworks, using only the core JavaScript language. You'll learn fundamental concepts like the DOM API, finding and modifying elements in the DOM, and event handling. Build a real web app, "Coffee Masters," to demonstrate advanced topics like SPA routing, web components and shadow DOM, and reactive programming with proxies.

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In this 6-hour course we'll see:

  • Master Vanilla JavaScript and basic DOM manipulation
  • Learn how to create efficient web applications using browser APIs
  • Create a router without libraries
  • Understand the core concepts behind popular libraries and frameworks
  • Create Web Components using standards
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills and reduce dependencies
  • Understand how to use the browser to make ultra-fast webapps

Free 15 minutes preview available.

You can also request a live custom workshop for you or your team on the topics of this course. Let's keep in touch

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