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Angular Progressive Web Apps

5-hour Online Course creating PWAs using Angular

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Progressive web apps today are compatible not just with iOS and Android, but also with desktop operating systems, so you can leverage the strengths of both desktop and mobile operating systems. With the additional abilities a PWA can have today, you can enhance the project even more. Angular today has the same base as the original version, but there is a whole new process to create a PWA with the Angular tools.

In this course, mobile and web developer, trainer, speaker, and writer Maximiliano Firtman guides you through the entire process. Find out what makes a web app a progressive web app. Create a basic Enterprise-style app in Angular and upgrade it to a PWA. Explore technologies available to make the app available offline, like a native app. Learn how to support the specs needed, so the app can be installed in a device as a native app with an icon and out-of-the-browser behavior. Plus, go over how to work with web services in a PWA, in different network situations.

This is the second edition of this course, based on Angular 16/17 and PWA compatibility in early 2024.

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