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JavaScript in the Background

5-hour online video workshop for web professionals

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What happens to your JavaScript when the user closes their browser or leaves your web app in the background? Explore new capabilities for your web app to detect these changes and execute code later. Improve user experience through things like updating the user, saving and restoring state, or processing pending operations. Plus, using the Web Push API, you can enable users to subscribe to receive real-time push notifications from your web app.

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In 5-hours we'll see:

  • What's "the background"?
  • Web App Lifecycle
  • Observing Background JavaScript
  • Background JavaScript Execution Rights
  • Service Workers
  • Background Detection
  • Visibility Change Detection
  • Freezing Detection
  • Notifications & UI
  • Media Session and Picture in Picture
  • Beacon API
  • Background Sync
  • Periodic Background Sync
  • Background Fetch
  • Web Push Notifications

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