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PWA Cheat Sheet 2020

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During LuxembourgJS 2020 🇱🇺 I gave this talk updating the PWA Cheat Sheet to 2020

PWAs are now installable on every mobile and desktop OSs, but there is a lot of new things since last year we need to do to create a successful experience. We will start understanding the App Lifecycle on every OS including new APIs, the limitations on iOS and how to deal with them, and how WebAPK works on Android.

We will mention challenges on desktop PWAs, including multi-window management and we will finally cover distribution channels, including new DOM events to improve analytics, the new maskable icon format, how to create a custom Install experience, and how to distribute the app in the stores. If you are coding React web apps, you will end up this talk understanding what you need to do to increase user experience and support better your users when doing Progressive Web Apps.

We will cover the current status of different platform integration APIs for PWAs such as WebShare, Payments, Authentication and the Fugu project for hardware access. The latest additions to the Service Worker APIs will let us run code from our app in the background frequently, or schedule notifications for the future. Finally, we will see with code how to do proper PWAs with React Hooks and React components for installation and update.

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