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Uncovering the Secrets of PWAs with React

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During COVID-19 Pandemic, I gave this online talk for the Reactive Conference for React developers introducing the PWA platform and tips for React..

Create React App and other toolchains create a Service Worker and other components so your React app can be a Progressive Web App with just a blink of your eyes. Are you aware of how your app will work on each platform? Have you ever installed your React app as a PWA on Android, iOS, or desktop browsers? Did you know you can publish your React app in app stores?

In this session, we will understand what a Progressive Web App is and how to customize the experience from a React-point of view so it can have a proper installation process on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and other platforms with the best possible user experience, including guaranteeing offline access and using new web APIs. We will see how to create your own installation and update management component within your React App.

We will understand how to extend the autogenerated Service Worker with more features, the lifecycle of the app, and how to save state between sessions. Finally, we will see how we can leverage our PWA and use the App Stores to distribute it.

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