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A Tour of Web Capabilities

5-hour online video course for web professionals on JavaScript APIs

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In this course, we will see how to use modern capabilities to enhance your webapp with more than 50 APIs.

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In this 5-hour course we'll see:

  • Discover a wide range of APIs available in modern browsers
  • Learn how to access hardware, such as Bluetooth, NFC, Gamepads, VR headsets, Camera, GPS, and other sensors
  • Enhance your web applications with powerful capabilities and integration with the operating system
  • Implement a proper UX for permission handling
  • Use Web Speech and Synthesis for voice communication

Final course will be available in a few weeks. Now you can access an unedited replay of the live workshop

You can also request a live custom workshop for you or your team on the topics of this course. Let's keep in touch

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